Our mission — deliver an engaging education to millions of learners around the world.

LevelBetter is an education technology company that builds fun, accessible learning experiences for digital natives. Smartphone owners around the world use our apps to learn new skills and explore new passions anytime, anywhere.

Built for busy lives.

Despite the massive quantity of online education available, over 90% percent of people who enroll in online courses end up dropping out.

Poor learning experiences and endless digital distractions are constraining the success of online education.

Reducing the friction of online education helps more people reach their goals and learn new skills.

At LevelBetter, we don’t blame learners for missing lectures or skipping articles. We build for busy lives.

Mobile. Micro. Motivation.

At LevelBetter, our course completion rates are 10x better than the industry standard.

More than ever, we live our lives through smartphones. LevelBetter apps reach learners where they are.

Five minutes is all it takes to make progress with LevelBetter apps. Our courses are designed to be completed moment-by-moment.

Social media and mobile games are designed to keep us hooked. LevelBetter uses the same design techniques to help learners stay focused on reaching their goals.

True Wine

True Wine: live for iOS

For the 4 out of 5 people who feel intimidated by wine, True Wine is a fun, accessible, mobile alternative.

True Wealth

Coming Soon

For the millions who were never taught the basics of personal finance.

Founded by lifelong learners.